Strengthening: muscles between the shoulder blades

This exercise strengthens the muscles between the shoulder blades to bring rounded shoulders back. I tend to give it in conjunction or following the pec stretch. Strengthening the back without loosening the front is an uphill battle!

The red theraband is a good strength to start with, and a couple of metres is more than enough for this, even doubled up.

  1. Hold the band (unfolded to begin with) with a bit of slack when your hands are just over shoulder width apart.
  2. Keep your elbows fixed at a comfortable angle. They don’t have to be locked out straight ahead.
  3. Bring your hands apart and engage the muscles between your shoulder blades.

Because this is strengthening and not stretching, you don’t need to hold the finishing position for very long. A second is plenty.

Main muscles targeted: rhomboid major and minor, trapezius


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