Recommended Products

There are a few products that I routinely recommend to my patients, but I know that it can be hard to work out exactly what I told you to get, or where to get them from. This post should help you out; I’ve tried to choose products available on Amazon Prime as they are typically more trusted and of course, quicker to receive.

Products for Exercises

Spiky Balls

Chances are you’re only after one or two, but it might be worth checking out the other links for discounts- I know I didn’t spend the RRP of £25 on mine!


The theraband I use to demonstrate techniques is an excessively long (2m I think) red band. I find that it’s generally a good all-rounder, and that it’s rarely too strong for demonstrations. Folding it in half gives more resistance, so don’t feel that you have to buy a whole set. If I’ve recommended a lighter strength (yellow), go for that. The colour coding is uniform across the theraband brand.

Foam Rollers

I recommend and use my foam roller much less than the spiky balls, but for larger areas like the hamstrings and quadriceps, it can get much quicker results. Mine is from Starwood Sports and is quite firm and textured. Have a look at other colour choices for variations in price.

Products for Hot and Cold therapy

Physically hot/cold products

Gels, sprays, roll ons

The Biofreeze, Deep Heat, and Deep Freeze are also available as sprays and roll ons. I cannot offer advice on medicated products by law, so none of these contain pharmacological painkillers.

Other Rubs

  • Emu balm: not available on Amazon but on sale through Lorem’s website. Also available at The Village Osteopaths. This is what I usually use on swollen knees and what I recommend for doing the same at home. Have a look through the site for different sizes and forms.



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