I am an Osteopath working in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I hold a Masters degree in Osteopathy from the BSO, London. I mostly use a structural (mechanical) approach, but place a lot of emphasis on patient education as an important part of healing. I particularly enjoy treating patients with sacroiliac dysfunction or osteoarthritis.


Osteopathy in the UK is a manual therapy regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals, meaning a patient can go straight to an Osteopath without the need for referral from a GP if they wish. Thus, an Osteopath’s training involves a lot of detailed academic and practical work in order to differentiate between purely musculoskeletal dysfunction and pathologies that require referral.

Osteopathy focuses on the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders without the use of drugs or surgery.

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

Because of Osteopathy’s holistic principles, management and treatment plans are tailored to the individual, not the diagnosis. Treatments may include a combination of soft tissue massage, passive joint movement, or manipulation, with some practitioners studying further techniques such as taping and dry needling to further benefit their patients. Self-care is another useful part of management, with prescription of exercises, heat, ice, or modification of daily activity helping to speed the healing process or prevent further injury.

Health Insurance

You may find that your private health insurer covers osteopathy without needing individual osteopaths to register. Examples of insurers who operate on this basis include 3d Rehabilitation and Simply Health.

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I illustrate my own blog and instagram posts. Please contact me for permission and terms for using my work elsewhere.

I am open to commissions. Please email me at freya@freyagilmore.uk to discuss this.

Published & Commissioned Work

Piriformis Syndrome diagram in Peak Performance magazine My piriformis syndome illustration was published in Peak Performance magazine (issue 368)

I am currently working on illustrations for an osteopathic textbook.

Conditions Explained

Conditions Explained began as a project for one of my final year modules, doubling as a resource for future patients as well as good revision for me. Since first year I have found that drawing diagrams has been the best way for me to learn anatomy, and it also allows me to have an image to accompany an explanation that covers everything I need it to.