Exercises for Osteoarthritic Hands

I’ve written a post on osteoarthritic hands before, so here’s a video of exercises I commonly prescribe to my patients. You should speak to a health professional before starting these exercises as they may not be appropriate for you. Your osteopath can give a recommendation for how frequently you should perform these, if they agree […]

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The Thorax

Since I last posted on my own site over a year ago, I’ve written over 300 posts– all for other people. In most of the posts I’ve written about various problems all over the body, I relate back to the thorax. Whether it’s specifically the thoracic spine or breathing mechanics, it’s the thorax that keeps […]

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Managing delayed surgery for arthritis

Operations considered non-urgent would normally take a while to come through, but with additional delays due to the pandemic, waiting times for surgery are even longer. Even during lockdown, when you can’t necessarily see your manual therapist, there are things you can do to manage your symptoms. Osteoarthritis Basics Osteoarthritis can affect any cartilaginous joint. […]

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NSLBP: Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

See video below for a concise version of this blog Non-Specific is probably not how you want anyone to diagnose you. Depending how the diagnosis of NSLBP is packaged, you might have questions like: “Why can’t you tell me exactly what’s causing my pain?”“Do I need an X-Ray or MRI done to find the cause […]

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