Spiky Balls & Foam Rollers

When you’re having treatment from an osteopath, it will probably take up half an hour in your 168 hour week. If you can help yourself with 10 minutes stretching a day, you’ve more than tripled the treatment you’re getting. Stretching and heavier exercise are part of the management plan, but sometimes it’s useful to have […]

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Spiky Ball: Wrist Extensors

The wrist extensors are the muscles on the outside of the forearm that tense when you bring your wrist back. They do get tight quite easily, and left untreated can develop into Tennis Elbow. This exercise can be a good preventative one for people who use these muscles a lot- like tennis players. However it […]

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Spiky Ball: Wrist Flexors

The wrist flexors are the muscles on the underside of the forearm. When they’re chronically tight, Golfer’s Elbow can develop. This exercise is useful whether the muscles are just tight, or alongside osteopathic treatment for golfer’s elbow.

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Foam roller: hamstrings and calves

Although I sing the praises of spiky balls with almost every patient, sometimes the foam roller is better suited. Big muscles like the hamstrings are a prime example.┬áThis is the brand of the roller I use: it’s very firm and textured which is what I’m after for exercises like this. Like the spiky ball exercises, […]

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