Osteoarthritis Hub

I have a special interest in osteoarthritis, so I’ve posted a lot about the subject. Here’s everything all in one place. If you have any questions about arthritis, feel free to email me using freya@freyagilmore.uk.

An introduction and overview

What the research says about treating arthritis

Hand and wrist arthritis in particular

Waiting for surgery

Short videos using the sponge metaphor

Still from sponge analogy video

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“So when it comes to explaining the basic process of osteoarthritis to my patients I describe cartilage as a sponge.

With arthritis you’ve got your joint, and there’s cartilage on both sides of that surface, on the ball and on the socket. And if you’re not moving it through the full range and you’re not getting it that compression and decompression, you’re going to get a build up of waste products in the cartilage and it’s going to degrade- you’re not going to get the nutrients that it wants back in…”