Privacy Policy & GDPR

Your consent is required for both osteopathic treatment and record keeping. Please read this page thoroughly before making your appointment.


Your medical records will be stored digitally and securely with Cliniko. They will be accessible only by present and future members of staff at Freya Gilmore Osteopathy. Your notes cannot be passed on to anyone else, including other medical professionals or solicitors, without your written consent.

Your personal information is a necessary precursor to any osteopathic treatment. Failure to work with a complete medical history goes against the Osteopathic Practice Standards, therefore you will not be treated if you do not provide the necessary information.

Records must be kept for 8 years after your last consultation. For children, the notes must be kept until their 25th birthday, even if this is in more than 8 years time. After this time the records will be deleted.

Contacting you

Cliniko sends out reminder emails and texts to help you attend your appointment. Please leave a note in the “comments” box when booking your appointment if you do not wish to be sent email or text reminders.

Rarely, Freya Gilmore Osteopathy may wish to send you a newsletter for important information that may affect you. Again, please leave a note in the “comments” box if you do not wish to receive this information by email.