Stretch: figure of 4

Particularly useful if you suffer from piriformis syndome, the figure of 4 exercise stretches the muscles in the buttock. Sitting on a chair, rest the outside of the shin on the opposite knee. This position in itself will probably give you a bit of a stretch if the muscles are tight, but it can be […]

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Stretch/articulation: knee hugs

Knee hugs are a popular exercise for the lower back. They gently stretch the muscles of the lower back and bring movement through the hips, pelvis, and spine. Ideal for getting moving first thing in the morning, this is something you can do in bed before you get up and again before sleeping. Some people […]

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Stretch: pec stretch (door frame)

If you’re trying to correct rounded shoulders, you’ll be making life hard for yourself working against tight chest muscles. This exercise stretches the pectoral muscles, which shorten if your shoulders are always forwards. Standing in a door frame (or next to a sturdy bookshelf or alcove), bring your hand up to above head height, and […]

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