Managing delayed surgery for arthritis

DISCLAIMER: while registered as non-practicing, I cannot give osteopathic advice. This post is intended to be informative, not instructive. Operations considered non-urgent would normally take a while to come through, but with additional delays due to the pandemic, waiting times are even longer. Even during lockdown, when you can’t necessarily see your manual therapist, there […]

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NSLBP: Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

See video below for a concise version of this blog Non-Specific is probably not how you want anyone to diagnose you. Depending how the diagnosis of NSLBP is packaged, you might have questions like: “Why can’t you tell me exactly what’s causing my pain?”“Do I need an X-Ray or MRI done to find the cause […]

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Benign Hypermobility Syndrome (BHS)

Diagnosing someone with hypermobility is essentially a fancy way of saying they’re more bendy than most, or “double jointed”. It is not a problem by default, but it can cause aches and pains. These symptoms tend to improve with rest, and are aggravated by exercise- although strengthening exercises can be a useful management strategy. Hypermobility […]

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